Laser Therapy

Laser therapy for fungal nails

Did you know that over 2 Million people in Australia will suffer from Fungal toenails every year?

Our doctors commonly describe fungal nail infections as “nail rot”, this is when nails as discoloured, often thick and brittle appearing yellow brown and/or even black. The infected nails frequently has a parmesan or blue cheese like smell.

With decades of experience we at Lane Cove Podiatry know that treatments are limited in effectiveness often requiring expensive topical solutions, requiring filing daily and often twice daily applications or requiring prescriptions for oral medications which require to be taken over a long term (6 to 12 months) they can often have serious side effect for many people and should not be taken with various medications and can affect fertility.

At Lane Cove Podiatry we use Laser therapy as the gold standard in the treatment of Onychomycosis (fungal nails). We assure you that Laser therapy is safe, effective and fast and an easy convenient alternative to other pharmaceutical and topical treatments. For this reason, Our doctors specialize in use of laser therapy as the treatment of choice for many people with stubborn fungal toenails.

What can you expect when being treated with Laser therapy:

Our laser therapy provides a comfortable, safe, controlled procedure by having a slight thermal effect (heat) on the skin, toenail, and nail bed therefore providing one of the safest & most effective treatments in healthcare and most importantly it has TGA (Theraputic Goods Authority) approval.

  • Our Doctors recommend attending for a general treatment (cut and file/drill) to remove fungal spores/thick rotten nails prior to the medical laser treatment (approximately 30-40mins) consult often having the laser treatment on the same day.
  • It is common to require 2-4 treatments depending on the severity of infections.
  • Our patient’s high success rate (80-85%) is because we also use UV light shoe sanitizers for all your shoes as well using Canestan, Dettol or Pine-O-Clean Laundry Sanitizer cleaning of shoes, socks, bedding etc.



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