Chronic Foot & Leg Pain

Chronic Foot & Leg Pain

Feet can often be one of the most neglected and forgotten parts of our bodies.

So it’s little wonder that around 40% of Australians experience some form of foot problems in their lifetime.

In your lifetime they’re likely to travel 128,000kms – which is the equivalent of three times around the world. It is so important to give them the proper care and treatment they deserve.

Pain in the feet or legs is very common, especially heel pain, and can be caused through a number of different conditions. Possible conditions include:

  • Common sporting injuries
  • Plantar Fasciltis
  • Heel spurs or bumps
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathy (nerve damage)
  • Sciatica (spinal nerve damage)

Some conditions are short-lived whilst others can be chronic. And sometimes what can be short-lived can turn into chronic if not dealt with.

For the ladies out there, we know you love putting on your favourite pair of high heels for a night out. Although a great look, high heels can be damaging for your feet.

Stiletto shoes can potentially alter your posture, which can lead to back, neck, leg and foot problems. In the long term, wearing high heels can potentially damage your Achilles tendon and cause clawing of toes resulting in hammertoe deformities.

But it’s not all bad news!

At Lane Cove Podiatry, you’ll be offered a number of treatments that will help treat your pain and get you back up on your feet! To read more about the injury and pain treatments we have here at Lane Cove Podiatry, click here!

If you’re suffering from any sort pain or have noticed inflammation, you’ll most likely benefit from a check up to prevent any further damage.

Contact us on 02 9420 4673 today to schedule an appointment to make sure your feet are in no danger of serious harm.

Note: There are several conditions such as diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, neuropathic changes or those on medications such as anticoagulants or long-term steroid use – that increase the risk of major foot problems. If this applies to you, don’t delay. Contact us to book your appointment today.


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