3D and Carbon Fibre Orthotics

3D and Carbon Fibre Orthotics

Custom 3D printed or Carbon Orthotics

What are orthotics or orthoses?

In plain speak Functional Foot orthotics are custom made shoe inserts designed to support, align and improve the function and mobility of the foot and ankle – to manage hip knee, ankle & foot, ankle pain.

What can orthotics help treat?

Orthotics provide part of solution to and management of:

  • General foot pain when walking, running
  • Corns or callous formation due to increased plantar pressure mechanics
  • Muscle and tendon strains
  • Joint and arthritic pain
  • Stress and impact fractures

Can any podiatrist, physiotherapist or chiropractor make and fit orthotics?

Although many practitioners and professions will claim to know about orthotics only biomechanical, sports and paediatric focused podiatrists who have undertaken years of study can assure you that this therapy is for you. At Lane Cove Podiatry our podiatrists specialise in making and fitting orthotics and study foot function which will enable them to prescribe you the right orthotic which to optimise your lower limb, ankle and foot function and its efficiency in gait.

Here Lane Cove Podiatry, we have our very own laboratory to manufacture and maintain your orthotic therapy.

Our orthotic service includes:

  • A full assessment of your form and function for lower limb problems
  • 3D scanned, 3D printed or Carbon fibre individually unique orthotics
  • Fine-tuning and modifying your orthotics regardless if we made
  • In-house refurbishment and recovering existing inserts

Who are orthotics for?

People of all ages and activity levels wear orthoses and they are designed uniquely for the individual’s needs and wants.

Why can’t I just buy orthotics from the pharmacies, shoe stores or online?

Although insoles that are purchased over the counter at Coles, Woolworths or chemists and pharmacies they are generic in nature (one size fits all design). It is important to understand that if you have a specific injury with an underlying foot mechanical mal-alignment a custom orthotic will be required to give the best possible result to manage your unique biomechanical forces (left versus right). Having 3D scanned & made orthotics will get you back on your feet, pain free and into your exercise activities as quickly as possible as is our goal!


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